Meta | Facebook

Together with Meta I developed 7 quirky animations to excite and inform Facebook Creators on the new possibility to monetize their content. The visuals abstractly communicate the monetization opportunity of each tool, e.g. ads on Reels, earning stars or subscriptions. It was so fun to find the right metaphors to express these individual earning possibilities!

1. Bunny | Earning Stars

During live video creators can earn Stars from their audience. Stars is a virtual good that lets fans show creators love and gives creators the ability to show love back.

2. Dino | VIP subscriptions

Subscriptions allow the creators’ audience to up-level their support for them and their work. They receive consistent, predictable monthly earnings, and their subscribers become easily identifiable, helping them connect more deeply with your audience.

3. Pelican | Ads on Reels

Creators can earn money when they create great Reels by including ads. They can entertain fans and get paid from Reels views while ensuring the content remains front and center.

4. Snail | Ads for Live

In-stream ads for Live keeps  the Creators’ content front and center — they can earn money and provide a viewing experience with less disruption, choosing from pre-roll, mid-roll or banner ad options.

5. Bird | Bonuses

Creators can complete fun challenges and earn bonuses with it, such as gifts and extra dollars in their account.

6. Crocodile | In-stream Ads

With in-stream ads, creators making longer, authentic content can earn money by inserting ads into qualifying videos.

7. Walrus | Paid online events

Creators can build a virtual stage and give fans access to special live video experiences with paid online events